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Crazy About Raku Collection

Crazy About Raku Collection

PriceFrom $35.00

Glazed Raku firing is a dynamic process, and so much fun for me to teach. My raku work is primarily wheel thrown, then bisque fired in my electric kiln, masked, glazed and then raku fired in my backyard kiln to around 1850 degrees. Once the glaze melts, pieces are removed from the kiln while red hot and placed into reduction bins with combustibles that ignite immediately. Carbon reduction changes the character of the glazes over the next 20 minutes or so, yielding blacks on bare clay and lustres on glazed surfaces. Craze lines are common, and this work is purely functional.    


Scroll through the product photos to watch a video showing each piece in more detail. A separate, annotated photo includes an identification # assigned to each piece in the collection. You can use the drop-down menu on the product page to view pricing for each individual item. Items not listed have been previously sold. 


Enjoy FREE Contactless Pick-up at my home studio in Downingtown, PA, or I'll be happy to ship your item to you. Shipping prices are calculated using estimated shipping weight and package dimensions. I happily refund shipping overages of $2 or more on all orders except those with FREE shipping. 


If you have any questions with the selection or ordering process, please feel free to reach out to me via email or chat, or by phone/text at 610-586-0465. Thank you! 

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