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I'm Susan, and I'm so glad you're here! My quality pottery is purposefully designed and lovingly handcrafted, because I believe everyday moments should all be beautiful.



I am a full-time Studio Potter and Ceramic Arts Instructor, and I am elbow deep in love with all things clay!

I offer a wide selection of functional and decorative pottery, ceramic arts instruction, studio and kiln rental services, and an information-packed blog right here from my website. 


Peruse some of my in-home gallery pieces, shop for pottery, order a BanditBowl Slow Feeder for your furever friend, and access my blog using the navigation buttons above. 


Enjoy a virtual tour of my gallery by perusing the following collections compiled especially for you! 

Click on the button below each item's description to see a collection's detail page, watch a narrated video describing the work.

I offer free studio pick-up at your convenience, 

or I will happily ship your order.

Sorry, I'm not shipping internationally at this time.  

Bonnie Ann Burnett Inspired Pottery

The Bonnie Ann Collection

A collection of my soda-fired bowls made using techniques taught to me by a soul sister in clay who recently passed away. 


I'll be donating a portion of the proceeds from the sale of every piece in this collection to the Bonnie Ann Burnett Verge Permaculture Scholarship Fund in her memory. 

Bare Clay Raku & Alternative Fired Pottery

Bare Clay Raku & Alternative Work

I love bare clay alternative fired pieces! I create decorative fine art ceramic pieces including  horsehair & feather raku, naked raku, and sea urchin raku as well as saggar fired vessels. 

Here, you'll see some of my favorite pieces, all one-of-a-kind, and all available for purchase. Enjoy! 

Salt Fired Pottery Collection

Salt-Fired Work

A collection of work created in 2019 at a salt-firing workshop with Jack Troy. Items include vases, flower bricks, tea bowls, bottle vases, crocks and more! 

This was a magical week of discovery for me, where I explored a looser style, experimented with a new clay body, and participated in two salt kiln firings at the wonderful Saratoga Clay Arts Center.  

Raku Pottery by Susan O'Hanlon

Glazed Raku

I love to make (and teach) raku pottery techniques!


The immediate gratification of firing a piece, pulling it from the kiln at 1850 degrees, igniting combustibles and then seeing your results in less than an hour is magical! So are the lustrous surfaces of these glazed raku decorative vessels, chosen especially for this collection. Enjoy! 

Cobalt Blue Pottery

Love Blue Pottery?

If you love blue pottery, you're in good company and THIS is the collection for you!

I've consolidated some of my favorite cobalt blue items into one place.


Find functional and decorative pieces here, including some unique glaze combinations and an octopus that will be the delight of your family dinners for years to come. Enjoy!   

Earthy Brown Pottery Collection by Susan O'Hanlon

Fall in Love with Browns 

These pots take brown to a whole new level! Combining my signature, hand-mixed glazes in different ways, I achieve some unique surface character on many of these decorative and functional pieces. You'll find items for every day and items for special occasions here, and fall (back?) in love with browns!

Coming Soon!
Blue Green Pottery by Ceramic Artist, Susan O'Hanlon

Blue-Green Pottery

I'm always pushing the limits of what I can combine in terms of glazes to achieve atmospheric looks in my electric kiln. Here are great examples in blues and greens. 

Functional Black Brown Blue Pottery Handmade by Downingtown Ceramic Artist Susan O'Hanlon

Signature Functional Work

A collection of my most popular functional pottery in a glaze combination perfect for most home decors. These pieces are a beautiful backdrop to your culinary masterpieces!

Wall Art, Functional Pottery and More by Ceramic Artist Susan O'Hanlon

Tread Lightly

The lighter toned pieces in this collection range from serving bowls to wall art tiles to statement pieces and small bowls. These are some of my favorite pieces!

Yellow Pottery Handcrafted by Ceramic Artist Susan O'Hanlon

Mellow Yellow 

Yellow pottery is full fo sunshine and cheerfulness, and these pieces are sure to brighten up any area in your home or yard. Choose from a variety of functional and decorative work rich, mellow yellow tones. 

Blue Pottery by Downingtown, PA Ceramic Artist Susan O'Hanlon

Changling Blue 

A collection of mostly functional work in Floating Blue glaze, which changes in every firing. This single glaze consistently yields glaze kiln magic at its very best!

Soda Fired Functional & Decorative Pottery by Susan O'Hanlon, Ceramic Artist

Soda Fired Work

Soda is one of my favorite atmospheres in which to fire my work! These functional and decorative pieces were all fired at the Community Arts Center just before COVID, so many have yet to make an appearance.  

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