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A few of the pots I've made and loved on my fascinating journey of discovery in the magical medium of clay...

I think of myself as an eclectic potter, because I am always exploring, discovering and expanding on this journey that is my love affair with clay and our earth.

When I peruse the photo records of my work and find one that tugs at my heartstrings, I add it to this gallery to share with you. If you own one of these pieces, I'm forever in your debt for helping me to fuel the fire of this burning passion inside of me. Thank you! 

I've made many, many pots over the years, ranging from functional to decorative, as well as some sculptural work and tile pieces. I've fired traditional pots in soda, salt, wood, gas and electric kilns. I've fired decorative pots using traditional raku and alternative bare clay techniques in my backyard raku kilns and even in a campfire. I've worked in earthenware, stoneware, porcelain, paper clay, colored clay, specialty clays, locally dug clays, casting slip clays, and even some clays I've mixed myself.

Traditionally a wheel thrower, I've also refined some handbuilding skills over the years and have tried an ever broadening array of surface decoration techniques on both wheelthrown and handbuilt pots. 

At various times in my journey, I've been fascinated with a variety of surface decorating techniques and layering glazes (dipped and sprayed) to achieve unique results in oxidation firings at Cone 6.

I am obsessed with clay tools! I love altering pots on the wheel and at cheese and leather hard stages, and I have used a variety of templates, commercial tools, found objects, MYO tools, stamps, and more that I have applied to alter the surface of my work at the wet and leather hard stages. I've played with sgrafitto and slip trailing, screen printing and slip painting, additive and subtractive techniques, and so much more!

My current explorations are focused on colored porcelain, using the ancient nerikomi and neriagi techniques to build patterns in colored clay that are isnpired by the beauty I see in nature. 

Thanks for sharing this journey with me! 


"Spoken Without Sound"A Virtual Tour of the Installation

This two-year collaboration created during COVID includes functional pottery, jewelry, decorative wire bowls and wall tiles ornamented with colored porcelain flowers and fauna, seed bead evergreen trees, and more. Click below to see the exhibition virtually.

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