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I fell elbow deep in love with all things clay twelve years ago and never looked back!


Today, I'm a full-time studio potter making decorative and utilitarian work from my in-home studio. I enjoy making functional pots that can be used every day as well as ceramic art pieces for indoor and outdoor living spaces.


I especially love the wheel, so most of my work starts there and is then alterated and decorated with texture, slip or imagery before applying layered glazes. My firing schedules, tweaked over years of experimentation, lend unique surface characteristics to my work. 

I make a variety of pottery for use in your kitchen, garden and home, and I am the creator of The #BanditBowl, a handmade ceramic slow feeder for dogs and cats.

I love to share my passion for pottery! I volunteer whenever needed to help my local high school's ceramics program, and  teach classes for clay enthusiasts working at all levels from my home studio.

I am deeply committed to sustainability in my personal life and in my studio practice, and to supporting the endeavors of The Sunrise Movement, a growing grassroots organization our son helped to establish. Sunrise Movement is working to change the political landscape around climate justice through community organizing and mobilization of dedicated youth nationwide.

Below is a photograph of me with my husband and my daughter when my art as activism piece, titled PLAN{et} B Ain't Pretty, received the Award for Craft at the Wayne Art Center's annual member show in 2017.


PLAN{et} B Ain't Pretty is a very special piece that I created in collaboration with wood artist John Cargill IV of Designs in Wood, who happens to be an Environmental Scientist by day.

I look forward to creating more work like this that speaks to my values and my passions for bringing about a kinder, gentler and more caring world where we all care for one another and recognize the value every being brings to our planet and collective consicousness. 



Downingtown, PA

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