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Do you hate wedging clay? It’s easier (and easy on your wrists) when you use this Stack & Slam Technique!

Working in clay is a magical experience, but it is not without its hazards! One of those hazards is the toll that repetitive motions can take on our bodies over time.

Wedging clay before throwing is a necessity, but the traditional methods of spiral and ram’s head wedging are hard on our wrists over time. It was a happy day in my studio when I learned the Stack & Slam Wedging Technique, and I’ve used it for years and teach it to all of my students.

I made this short video to demonstrate the process. I hope that you find it helpful, and that you give yourself the gift of time to master this skill. In doing so, it will save your wrists and give back tenfold in the form of added years you can spend in the studio making great pots.

I hope you find that wedging clay is easy on your wrists when you stack and slam.

Happy Potting, my friends!



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