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Christmas Tree Ornament - White with Blue Snowflakes

Christmas Tree Ornament - White with Blue Snowflakes


Handmade Christmas Tree Ornament with Hook 


These ornaments are cut out from a slab of clay that has been decorated with random snowflake stamps. After bisque firing, cobalt oxide wash is brushed into each snowflake. My hand-mixed white glaze is applied before glaze firing at a higher temperature. Each item is unique and supplies are limited to what is shown as available in the drop-down menu. 


Thank you for your web-direct business! Price includes free domestic shipping as my way of saying thank you for purchasing directly from my website, and for supporting handmade!


These are in-stock and will ship via USPS Ground Advantage. Please note that I’m on a Grand RV Adventure at the moment and we travel without a second vehicle, so your order will ship when we next break camp. This can be anywhere from 2 to 12 days. If you require a specific delivery date, please contact me about scheduling and priority mail options. Thank you!


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