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Dimensional Horsehair Raku Fired Christmas Tree Ornament

Dimensional Horsehair Raku Fired Christmas Tree Ornament


Handmade Christmas Tree Ornament with Hook 


These dimensional ornaments are slip cast in a porcelain clay body then fired in my backyard raku kiln, where I decorate them by hand with horsehair at about 1300 degrees Fahrenheit. The markings you see are the carbon "imprints" of the horsehair that burn instantaneously onto the surface of each piece during the decorating phase.


Each item is unique and supplies are limited to what is shown as available in the drop-down menu. 


Thank you for your web-direct business! Price includes free domestic shipping as my way of saying thank you for purchasing directly from my website, and for supporting handmade!


These are in-stock and will ship via USPS Ground Advantage. Please note that I’m on a Grand RV Adventure at the moment and we travel without a second vehicle, so your order will ship when we next break camp. This can be anywhere from 2 to 12 days. If you require a specific delivery date, please contact me about scheduling and priority mail options. Thank you!


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