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Countertop Compost Bin

Countertop Compost Bin

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PriceFrom $158.00

Countertop Compost Bin - My popular compost bin is now available in Black, Shino, Cobalt Blue and Mottled Blue/Green. Order with or without the optional charcoal filter, although you can also easily add one at home if you find it's needed for odor management or pest control. I can glaze these in any of my studio glazes or glaze combinations, so feel free to ask if you’re looking for a different finish. I’m also happy to tweak the sizing to match your needs; please just send an email to me at 


These will vary a bit from batch to batch, but generally stand about 8-1/2” tall and are about 7-1/2” in diameter.

These are lovingly handcrafted, and may vary slightly in size and/or finish. 

These pieces are made from certified non-toxic stoneware clay and lead-free glazes for your safety. They can be placed in the dishwasher, although hand-washing is always recommended for handmade pottery.

If you have any questions, please email me at


Thanks for looking! :-) 


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    Making your everyday moments beautiful is my mission in clay, and my countertop compost bin stands up to the task. Transform kitchen composting into a beautiful practice as you recycle those kitchen scraps, coffee grinds and more in my lovingly handcrafted countertop compost bin.

    Composting is great for the soil and great for our environment. If you know a cook who also loves to garden, this Countertop Compost Bin is one of the most thoughtful and purposeful gifts you can give them. 

    There are five loves in my life: my family (dogs included!), my friends, making pottery, gardening and cooking. I created my compost bin for my own kitchen, because my countertop garbage bowl was too small, too smelly and unsightly. This has quickly become one of my most popular items! 

    The lid has holes in it to provide air circulation, and the angled flange makes the addition of an optional charcoal filter easy. Simply purchase a charcoal filter (you can get them on Amazon), trim it to size, and pop it into the lid. You can also order one from me when you purchase your compost bin, and I'll do the trimming for you.

    I use mine every day and love, love, love it! I don't use a filter in mine, but then I dump it at least every other day and more often in summer when I'm cooking almost exclusively with fresh ingredients from my own garden and my local organic CSA. 


    Return of items in new condition will be promptly refunded. Please understand that I cannot refund outbound shipping costs or return shipping charges. All returns should be authorized before shipping, and I recommend insuring shipments to make sure you're covered for any damage in transit. 

    I package these with excessive care, and have only had one of these arrive broken in over 10 years. If your order should arrive broken, I will promptly issue a refund or ship a replacement as quickly as possible. Photo documentation of damage is required so I can file a claim, and the carrier may request a visual inspection of any damaged merchandise. 



    Ground shipping within the contental US is included in the price of this item. 

    Please note that "In Stock" means I make these regularly. It does not mean it is always "In Stock" in a traditional sense. 

    Shipping time can vary; if I have this item on hand in my inventory, your order will ship within 3-5 business days.

    If pre-bisqued but not available in your glaze selection, it might take 2-3 weeks for the item to ship.

    If I’m sold out when your order is placed, it can take up to 5 weeks for a batch of these to go from lump of clay to finished piece.

    I throw these on the wheel, add the handles at the trimming stage, dry them slowly and then fire them twice before sanding the bottoms smooth to ensure they won’t scratch your countertops. Handmade takes time, but it’s worth it!

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