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Flat Bottomed Food / Water Bowls for Cats & Dogs (Made to Order)

Flat Bottomed Food / Water Bowls for Cats & Dogs (Made to Order)

PriceFrom $55.00

My flat-bottomed bowls are each handcrafted with the same careful attention to detail as my slow feeder Bandit Bowls, and in sizes and glazes to match. Consider purchasing one as a water bowl to go along with your Bandit Bowl, or use them for food if your pet isn't a gobbler. 


Glaze options for in-stock items include light speckled blue and black. Both are easy to clean, dishwasher / microwave / oven safe (using appropriate precautions, especially if offering your pet warm food). 


Like my Bandit Bowls, I leave extra clay in the bottom of these so they'll stay put. They are all wet sanded using 50-100-200-400 grit Diamond Sanding pads, because I care as much about your floors as I do your pets. Note that some customers add rubber grippers to the bottom, which works well but does void my return policy. 


For sizing, my flat-bottomed bowls hold about 20% more than their Bandit Bowl counterparts because there are no interior walls. I am also happy to make deeper versions of these if you like a deeper water bowl. 

  • Care Instructions

    My BanditBowls are handcrafted from stoneware for durability. With proper care, they will last for many years. Please wash them before use. 


    The durable glazes are safe for the dishwasher, but the ceramic surface is easy to clean by hand. Because dishwashers can be dangerous places for handmade goods, I recommend hand washing with occasional santizing in the dishwasher. 


    My bowls are also microwavable and oven safe! Be careful that the bowl itself is not hot before offering the contents to your pet, though. 


    The bottoms are heavy and designed to minimize movement while your pet eats. The bottoms are wet sanded smooth with 50-100-200-400 grit Diamond Sanding pads to protect your floor or counter surface. Many customers affix rubber feet to the bottom of the bowl for their pets who aggressively try to knock the bowl around. This works well, but does void my return policy. :-) 

  • Quarterly Giveaways!

    Tell us what you love about your Bandit Bowl! Post a photo or video of your pet with their bowl online on my FB page @SusanOHanlonPottery, or on IG.


    Be sure to use the #BanditBowl in your post, and tag us on IG at @BanditBowl and @SusanOHanlonPottery.


    One lucky poster will win a gift certificate to be used toward the purchase another bowl, a matching water bowl, or any other item from my website each calendar quarter! 

  • Bandit Bowl Sizing Recommendations

    Volume measurements below indicate the amount of food that will fit within the interior grooves, as this is how the BanditBowl is designed to work best. More food can be layered atop the grooves if you wish. 


    • Cat Bowl - One Size Fits Most - Holds approx. 3/4 cup of food
    • Toy Breed Dog Bowl - Holds approx. 1/2 cup of food
    • Small/Medium Breed Dog Bowl - Holds approx. 1 cup of food 
    • Large Breed Dog Bowl - Holds approx. 2 cups of food 
    • Giant Breed Dog Bowl - Holds approx. 3 cups of food
    • Giant Breed X-Deep Bowl - Grooves are 3/4" to 1" deep - Holds approx. 4 cups of food


    Note:  For dogs with shorter snouts and wide heads, upsizing one size is generally recommended as this helps to accomodate their anatomical features. 


    Interior grooves in the Bandit Bowl range from 3/16" deep (cat) and 1/4" to 1/2" deep (dog), with larger bowls having deeper interior grooves. As each are handmade, we can customize groove depth to accomodate special needs. Contact us for more details, and include a photo of your pet so we can help determine if a custom bowl is necessary. 

  • Are you involved with a Rescue Organization?

    If so, please reach out to me about a donation! For every 20 bowls I sell directly from my website, I set aside a bowl for donation to a reputable 501(c)(3) rescue organization. Use it at the shelter for an animal who needs it, auction it off, put it in a raffle, or send it home with a rescue animal to his or her new furever home. 

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