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Moonrise Collection Satin Glazed Colored Porcelain Beads

Moonrise Collection Satin Glazed Colored Porcelain Beads

PriceFrom $38.00

My Moonrise Collection is inspired by my experience witnessing a "Cold Moon" rising over the Southwest desert at Picacho Peak Campground in Eloy, AZ. As I was facing the opposite direction taking delayed shutter release images of the waning sunlight well past sunset, I sensed a shift in the light behind me. When I turned, I was greeted by the dramatic moonrise pictured above. This collection is comprised of handmade, colored porcelain beads with the tones of the sky lit up by the moon, crafted by hand into a limited edition collection of artisanal jewelry.


Gift box packaging includes a brief explanation of the process I use to create my artisan beads and a copy of my Desert Moonrise photograph. Price includes FREE domestic shipping.


Handmade Colored Porcelain Beads, Glazed in a Satin glaze for a butter-smooth feel. 


My beads are made by hand from the remnants of my colored clay nerikomi work, so nothing goes to waste in my studio practice! These beads are glazed in a satin glaze to provide a super smooth finish with a soft sheen. The earrings are lightweight and comfortable to wear. 


Ear Wires:  Copper 

Earring Size: Approx 2" overall

Copper Ear Wires (If your ears are sensitive, you may upgrade to niobium for only $2)


Item: DM-32-18


This item is one of a kind; you will receive the earrings pictured in this listing when you make your purchase. 




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