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Red Rocks Pendant #13

Red Rocks Pendant #13


We visited Sedona, AZ for the first time during our 2023/24 Epic RV Adventure, and I was mesmerized by the red rock formations throughout the region. The area is also world renowned for its vortexes, swirling centers of energy that are conducive to healing, meditation and self-exploration. The energy fields in proximity to these vortexes are palpable - I could feel the energy in my body and soul, and see their effects over time in the swirling upward growth patterns of nearby juniper trees.


My Red Rocks designs showcase my handmade beads that replicate the colors of the region, with copper spiral patterns in the wirework representing these magical energy flows. Each item in the Red Rocks Collection is a unique, one-of-a-kind piece.


It is my hope that you'll feel Sedona's healing energy as you wear a piece from this collection, and that it will infuse you with a sense of wellness and vitality. As always, it's an honor for me to share my experiences in this incredible world with you through my work!




After an amazing hike at Bell Rock just south of Sedona (and home to one of the area's most famed energy vortexes), I returned to our campsite so inspired that I spent the next three days engrossed in forming the foundational designs and first grouping of pieces for this collection. I listened closely to my intuition while creating, and Bohemian styling emerged and felt just perfect.  On one of our excursions to town, I was so pleased to discover the gorgeous silk ribbons featured in this collection's photographs, made by Melissa Iaquilino, a local Sedona artist.


Visit my pottery shop, where you can find a limited supply of Melissa's handmade silk ribbons for your new pendant among a selection of neck rings, chains and beaded necklaces carefully curated to pair well with my work. Of course, you can always pair the pendant with something you already have. It's why they are sold as "pendant only" in my shop. :-) 


This collection uses beads that I make from a colored porcelain blend that I mix myself before adding special ceramic colorants. Once formed, fired, and tumbled for up to six weeks to achieve varying levels of sheen, these beads take on an almost opalescent quality that I felt paid homage to the magic of the region. You may notice some similarities among patterned pieces, but rest assured that each bead and each piece is unique.


Each of the pieces in this collection will arrive with gift box packaging that includes a brief explanation of the process I use to create my artisan beads and a copy of my Bell Rock photograph.


These items ship FREE throughout the US. 


The specifications for this piece are as follows: 


Overall Size: 7/8" wide by just under 2" long

Focal Bead Size:  7/8" diameter

Componentry: Handmade Ceramic Bead(s), Copper Componentry


PENDANT ONLY - Photographs may include chains, silk ribbons, neck rings or beaded necklaces. As noted above, these items are used for demonstration purposes only.


Item: RR-P-13


This item is one of a kind; you will receive the pendant featured in this listing when you make your purchase. 


You can read all about our adventures in the Sedona area in my #PotterOnWheels Red Rocks blog post found on this page:

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