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The Bonnie Ann Collection

The Bonnie Ann Collection

PriceFrom $35.00

This is a collection of soda fired bowl forms created based on the teachings of my friend, Bonnie Ann Burnett, who passed away in April, 2021, shortly after receiving her diagnosis of a multi-lobed glioblastoma. A portion of the proceeds from the sale of each of the items in this collection will be donated to Verge Permaculture for the Bonnie Ann Burnett Scholarship Fund ( to honor my friend, who was passionate about rejuvenating her ancestral land, honoring Mother Earth, and cherishing all sentient beings on the planet.  


Please watch the video in the second product photo slot to see each piece in the collection in greater detail. The annotated photo shows a corresponding Item # for each piece. These numbers are assigned based on the location of each piece in the group photo and accompanying video. Prices vary for each item in this collection and will be visible in the drop-down menu as you select the Item # that corresponds to the numbers in the annotated group photo. If you have any questions about the check-out process, please reach out to me by email, chat or phone/text at 610-586-0465. Thank you! 



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